New Farm Park Ginko: Trudie Murrell & John Wainwright

                                                           garden wedding
                                                           storm clouds bring something
                                                           new to wait for


                                                           waiting for the bride
                                                           pageboy and crow
                                                           compare suits


                                                            under the Bay Fig
                                                            a violin plays
                                                            branches dip closer


                                                            long summer
                                                            boughs outstretched
                                                            check for rain


                                                             under the fig tree
                                                             crested pigeons fuss
                                                             house proud


                                                                          poems by Trudie Murrell
                                                                          photograph by Cindy Keong


                                                           chattering birds                               
                                                           remove the ear-piece
                                                           when the mobile rings


                                                           there is but one poem                    
                                                           this time a black ant


                                                           the woman beside                            
                                                           the pregnant woman
                                                           rubs her stomach


                                                           autumn breeze                                   
                                                           nothing is still
                                                           but my heart


                                                           small light
                                                           a spider on
                                                           her web


                                                                           poems by John Wainwright
                                                                           photograph by Cindy Keong


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5 responses to “New Farm Park Ginko: Trudie Murrell & John Wainwright

  1. Trudie, I love the image of the pageboy and the crow!
    Cindy, thanks for the picture – absolutely gorgeous bird!

  2. bd

    yup yup, what jdub said.

    and cindy, the woman beside the the woman. perfick.

  3. Trudie Murrell

    ‘the woman beside the pregnant woman’ is an all time favourite, no suprises there. I also love ‘there is but one poem’. Cindy, thanks again for the photos and Graham thanks for posting them.

  4. Lee-Anne Davie

    Yes T. I love the pageboy and the crow comparing suits. And JDub, just love that your heart is still. Gorgeous images you two and thank you for sharing time, words and imagery on the ginko.

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