Another Songbird Flown Too Soon (RIP: Margot Smith)

One of the great things about being a fan of The Church has been discovering so many of their collaborators, one of my favourites, the gorgeous Margot Smith, who sadly passed away yesterday after a long battle with alcohol. Margot’s voice had that otherworldly quality, that ability to slip inside you and dance. Both her debut album, Sleeping With The Lion & her follow up, Taste are (like so many Australian albums) long out of print and sadly forgotten, but both are classics and to quote Steve Kilbey, if you can beg, borrow or burn them, you won’t be disappointed (there is a great write up by Steve about his time with Margot here as well as a few songs). There has been talk of recorded material for a third album, so let’s hope it sees the light. Another songbird, flown too soon…


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4 responses to “Another Songbird Flown Too Soon (RIP: Margot Smith)

  1. The loss of such a vibrant soul is more than sad.

  2. Very sad to hear of this loss. She was a unique singer and obviously a unique soul

  3. Neville Minch

    I have just found this very sad news. I was just searching to see if she had any new material out. I have both her albums and they are the most treasured in my library, she really touched my soul and found a place in there forever. I hope she is soaring! x

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