Lowering Sky: a haiku sequence


                                                                   low cloud
                                                                   swallows skim
                                                                   the tallest grass stalks


                                                                   first raindrops
                                                                   names on the memorial stone


                                                                   in the rose garden
                                                                   only a bee
                                                                   braves the thorns


                                                                   two boys
                                                                   in the shadow of the fig tree


                                                                  deep in thought
                                                                  the wind turns
                                                                  my page


                                                                                photograph by Cindy Keong



Filed under poetry

4 responses to “Lowering Sky: a haiku sequence

  1. Fantastic, Graham – and Cindy’s image too, a perfect fit. ‘first raindrops’ and ‘two boys’ and ‘in the rose garden’ are especially enjoyable, hell, all of ’em!

  2. Really love these…wonderful images created with the words you present.

  3. swallows bring
    the Spring sky low
    where the lawn grows

  4. Great collection – especially love the last one

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