Speed Racer

                                    for Vic

He’s leaving again, carrying the weight of
on his back, the small acts of life.

He knows that other cities are no different
that roads have no measure and all distance is foolish.



Filed under poetry

7 responses to “Speed Racer

  1. bd


    “…birds sing
    despite their cages…”

    indeedy. thank the stars for such birds, eh g?
    these are lovely lines.

    • gnunn

      he was one of the sweetest sounding birds that ever flew… been listening to Little alot this past month or so. have you got a copy bruce? let me know… you really must hear that album.

  2. There’s something very special about that last line….a perfect way to end the poem.

  3. Trudie Murrell

    I love how you can turn little lights on in my head that I never knew about before. Thanks G, now I’m going to seek Mr Chesnutt and hear what he has to say.

  4. Wow – great stuff Graham – enjoy your Easter holidays 🙂

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