Ferlinghetti still kicking it at 92

On March 24, Beat icon, Lawrence Ferlinghetti celebrated his 92nd birthday. His work as a poet, activist, artist, publisher and co-founder of the legendary City Lights continue to have a profound influence on the arts and literary communtiy worldwide. His 1958 collection, A Coney Island of the Mind is still the best selling poetry collection in the USA, it’s wild jazz rhythms as potent as ever.

So Lawrence, happy (belated) 92nd birthday. To celebrate, here’s a podcast of Lawrence debuting material from his collection, Poetry as Insurgent Art back in 2007. And if that is not enough to satiate your need for Ferlinghetti’s bristling images, check out this reading of his classic poem, The World is a Beautiful Place.

In just a few short months, I will fulfil one of my life’s dreams of setting foot in City Lights… and who knows, maybe I will be lucky enough to bump into Lawrence while I am there.



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5 responses to “Ferlinghetti still kicking it at 92

  1. graham, its exciting to me to read your words about ferlinghetti, and also kerouac, both of whom were inspirations to me growing up. one of the first poetic experiences i remember was really being blown away by ferlinghetti’s
    ‘the secret meaning of things’ which is such a plainly great title, and was a revelation to me in language and expression. i was in jr. high when i discovered it in a small bookstore.
    but you must visit city lights, and while in the area have dinner at ‘the stinking rose’ a really great restaurant just down the street a short walk there on columbus avenue. google map them, you’ll see how close they are. everything is made with garlic, even garlic ice cream for dessert. it sounds weird but it is really good. a must try, my favorite restaurant in SF, cheers, have a wonderful journey! bon voyage, to a truly magical destination

    • gnunn

      i can’t wait to walk in there tipota… the anticipation is killing me. thanks for the restaurant tip… not sure about the garlic ice-cream, but I will give anything a try!

  2. Jacqueline

    Wasn’t it weird how in the movie _Howl_ Ferlinghetti’s character didn’t say one word?

  3. Jacqueline

    Watch. it. right. now. I thought it was great overall! And who can argue with a field of animated penises.

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