Remembering Ginsberg

Yesterday marked the 14th anniversary of Allen Ginsberg’s death and in my inbox this morning (thanks to the lovely Kate Eltham) was this link to an issue of the American Book Review featuring an amazing article by Rosebud Pettet on Ginsberg’s last day. It also features articles by Joyce Johnson, John Surgal and Ginsberg’s poem, Police State Blues. You can read the issue here and believe me, it is well worth it.

So in remembering Allen, I dusted off my copy of Holy Soul Jelly Roll and listened to Allen and Bob Dylan riding The Vomit Express. Why not get on board… it’s a hell of a ride:



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2 responses to “Remembering Ginsberg

  1. Poor old Allen, the news of inoperable liver cancer and then a stroke and a coma. The story by Rosebud was also published as a Pocketbook in 2005 by Elik Press, Salt Lake City. When I was in New York, I visited Peter Hale at Ginsberg’s apartment where he died. It was weird using the lift up to his apartment, having just watched the video of his body being taken away down that lift, with Peter Orlovsky following the gurney and standing on the street waving as Ginsberg’s body was driven away. Have you read his posthumously published last book of poems “Death and Fame”? He wrote right up to the end.

  2. I must admit that I have never hear this song….thanks!

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