Poetry & Music: some Sunday afternoon Kerouac

On Wednesday night at Confit Bistro, we belatedly celebrated what would have been Jack’s 89th birthday, with readings of his haiku, prose & poetry. Reading My Gang and Skid Row Wine while Sheish growled in the background on guitar, was a buzz. One of things that has always drawn me to Kerouac’s language is its wild rhythmic patterns; so when there is music happening, the words seem more free.

Since Wednesday, I have been listening to lots of Jack, and came across this great documentary series on KEXP Radio, which looks at writers who experiment(ed) with music. The Kerouac episode is brilliant, featuring readings from his famed Blues & Haikus session as well as excerpts from On the Road. It’s 10 minutes well spent! 

And there are seven other shows featuring the likes of Patti Smith, Tom Waits, William S. Burroughs, Steven Jesse Bernstein & Saul Williams that you can also check out. You can view the complete series here.


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2 responses to “Poetry & Music: some Sunday afternoon Kerouac

  1. It was a great night Graham. I’ve just put all my Kerouac CDs onto my ipod for my trip to Sydney. I think it will make great in-flight entertainment! I’ve also posted a funny “how (not) to be beat” article over on my blog from “Time” magazine, 1959. I am sure you will get a giggle out of it!

  2. Thanks for the links Graham. Gonna download some Jack. Really enjoyed yours and Julie’s readings that night.

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