Sandgate Ginko: Trudie Murrell


                                                             autumn shoreline
                                                             gulls and children
                                                             up to their ankles


                                                             a storm cloud
                                                             hangs over the headland

                                                             on its day off
                                                             herds the waves

                                                             in the dog’s cocked ear
                                                             children’s laughter


                                                             shattered by
                                                             a flock of children


                                                                              photograph by Cindy Keong


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7 responses to “Sandgate Ginko: Trudie Murrell

  1. These were wonderful to read…especially enjoyed 1 & 3.

  2. gotta love that kelpie – there is in Trudie’s work!

    come on storm cloud, stop threatening and get on with it

  3. Trudie Murrell

    Thanks for posting them Graham. I love the photo of Cindy’s you’ve chosen. Thanks also JDub – will bring the haiku we discussed to today’s walk. slpmartin, It’s wonderful for me to know that other people are reading my work, thank you.

  4. Cool haiku – especially love the kelpie one (the idea of a kelpie having the day off – haha) and the laughter being caught in by the dog (excellent).

  5. I don’t know what it is about that photo. It’s almost haiku like. Well captured Cindy.

    Love both your dog ku Trudie. Herding the waves is a great image and the children’s laughter is a surprise.


  6. Vuong

    So much colour in your writings Trudie, just love every single haiku!

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