Footprints: a Sandgate haiku sequence

                                                                                        photograph by Cindy Keong


                                                                   in a footprint
                                                                   lone seagull

                                                                   no fish today
                                                                   scales dry
                                                                   on the jetty

                                                                   kite flying
                                                                   the beagle’s ears
                                                                   full of wind

                                                                   through the holes in my hat
                                                                   the sound of waves

                                                                   a single pine needle
                                                                   the ripple it makes
                                                                   in the ocean

                                                                   ebb tide
                                                                   how long will
                                                                   this footprint last



Filed under poetry

3 responses to “Footprints: a Sandgate haiku sequence

  1. Hi Graham,
    I’m enjoying your poems and posts but don’t get time to comment very often.

  2. I really love the kite flying/beagle one – hahaha. They’re all excellent.

  3. The beagles ears in the middle is so striking. There’s a great beginning – middle – end here. Love how you end with that question. It sends the mind off on the wind to ponder.


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