Sandgate Ginko: John Wainwright


                                                                   high wind
                                                                   on the beach
                                                                   it’s a dog’s life


                                                                   thieving wind
                                                                   gone is the
                                                                   ocean’s sound


                                                                   contours of past tides
                                                                   the sea will


                                                                   combing the shoreline
                                                                   wind and time
                                                                   hurry past me


                                                                   young ones dash off
                                                                   but i wait – wind and
                                                                   words find us all


                                                                               photograph by Cindy Keong


Filed under poetry & publishing

4 responses to “Sandgate Ginko: John Wainwright

  1. Vuong

    Love the thieving wind! Such a great noise haiku– I can hear it!

  2. Must agree…really loved the thieving wind…perfect turn of a phrase.

  3. Trudie Murrell

    I do love the theving wind but also find in the lines the sea will/return a comfortable reassurance.

  4. I love wind and time hurrying past – getting lost in the day – lovely haiku (sounds like you have all had a ball).

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