Sandgate Ginko: Vuong Pham


                                                           corrugated mud
                                                           how silent
                                                           the rotting branch


                                                           I see it
                                                           then I don’t
                                                           aeroplane through trees


                                                           distant waves
                                                           the paperbark rustles


                                                           howling wind
                                                           at low tide
                                                           the dog tracks fill in


                                                           kite surfing
                                                           falling leaves


                                                                            photograph by Cindy Keong


Filed under poetry & publishing

6 responses to “Sandgate Ginko: Vuong Pham

  1. Wow Vuong – these really arrest the busy mind. My heartbeat slowed right from the first one. Thanks again for posting Graham.

  2. Good stuff – I love the sound of Sandgate ginko too 🙂

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  4. yeah, i really like the rotting branch, Vuong.

    j dub.

  5. Cindy

    Fantastic images Vuong, a pleasure to read.

  6. Trudie Murrell

    So elegant. They bring back the serenity of that morning with every read.

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