Sandgate Ginko: Jonathan Hadwen


                                               the sun disappears behind a cloud
                                               a lone gull
                                               stamps its memory in the sand


                                               pool of water
                                               underneath the tap
                                               ibis drinks its share


                                               I tread so lightly through the rock pools
                                               still the fishes flee


                                                tide comes in
                                                children and dogs
                                                rush to say hello


                                                restless night
                                                the light is tired
                                                of being switched on


                                                                          photograph by Cindy Keong


Filed under poetry & publishing

6 responses to “Sandgate Ginko: Jonathan Hadwen

  1. Vuong

    My favourite is the ibis drinking from the pool of water. Evocative.

  2. Love the “stamps its memory in the sand” line.

  3. Lee-Anne Davie

    Great work Jonathan. Love the cleverness that the light is tired if being turned off. Very you.

  4. Trudie Murrell

    I’m always a fan of your work Mr Hadwen. First and last are my favourites.

  5. Love the image of the children and dogs rushing towards the tide!

  6. Really like the ibis image Jonathan
    and the fish – can feel the water lapping around my ankles.


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