Sandgate Ginko: Cindy Keong

On Sunday the QWC ginko group headed over to Sandgate, a sleepy little coastal town on the outskirts of Brisbane. And although we are yet to see much sun on either of our ginko, there were some superb haiku written. During the week I plan to feature poems from each of the group members, starting with Sandgate local, Cindy Keong.

                                                                  autumn haze
                                                                  cargo ships
                                                                  ghost the horizon


                                             kite surfers skip across cloudy skies


                                                                  one seagull
                                                                  finds company
                                                                  in the still water


                                                                  breaking waves
                                                                  my thoughts
                                                                  tumble over


Cindy is the feature poet at tomorrow night’s The Back Room event at Confit Bistro (4/9 Doggett St, Fortitude Valley) and will also debut an exhibition of her photography. If you are in Brisbane, come along… doors open at 6pm!


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5 responses to “Sandgate Ginko: Cindy Keong

  1. breaking waves
    my thoughts
    tumble over

    I love this. I remember the poet who did the English Landscape poetry series on TV had a title sequence poem with a metaphor which spoke of the sea waves as turning the pages, and your image is just as strong Cindy, if not stronger. thoughts tumbling over is just what a ginko should result in, hey?

    I am going to miss Confit tomorrow. break a leg.


  2. I love the last poem also…just a brilliant bit of writing.

  3. Lee-Anne Davie


    Great gig last night. Thank you for sharing your Tanzanian experiences. Your photography worked in harmony with your words. Glad I was there.

    Love the image of your cargo ships ghosting the horizon.


  4. Vuong

    A seagull finding company in the still water… Great phrase Cindy!

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