The Mean Streets of Poetry

Are you brave enough to buy your poetry on the street? Can you handle more than three haiku in one hit? Have you ever wanted your prose cut up with limerick?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to watch Arj & Poopy on the mean streets of poetry.

Enjoy your Friday night people,

* Oh, and if you are an Arj Barker fan, you can catch a recent interview that local lady of letters, Fern Thompsett ran on her show Waxing Lyrical.



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6 responses to “The Mean Streets of Poetry

  1. Quite cute and witty…thanks!

  2. Very funny, I always worry about buying poetry on the street.

  3. bd

    “…i know whereyou can get it, if you want it… we got lum;ps of it ’round the back…”

  4. Haha – too funny – I love Arj Barker.

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