George Bush Undoes the Wires

Sydney band, The Mumps (featuring Tina Havelock, who has played with Australian underground legends, Crow & Plug Uglies and long time engineer for The Necks, Liberty Kerr), have been blowing my mind these past couple of days, ever since I discovered their debut EP, I Wish I Was You. They describe the EP as a collection of ‘post rock transcendental power tunes,’ and their live show, which often features Tina’s super-8 projections, has been getting rave reviews. So if you want a full-on blast of that underground Australian sound, look no further than The Mumps. Here’s their debut clip, Undoes the Wires aka When George Bush Came To Sydney.



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3 responses to “George Bush Undoes the Wires

  1. Thanks Graham. This is a great (and sadly scary) video. I still question why we bothered wasting our attention on Bush when he was obviously a puppet meant to deflect from Cheney who was really calling the shots but knew would never be elected on his own.

  2. That is so cool – the video and the music – the descriptionn ‘post rock transcendental power tunes’ is just right – haha.

  3. Must agree with Gabrielle…the descrpition of the music is perfect.

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