The Curve of Forgotten Things

Last night, the world should have been at InSpire Gallery Bar taking in the wonderfully loose sounds of Sheish Money & Namedropper, who were joined on stage by a number of local poets; dropping their words in and out of the bluesy jams that Sheish & co. play so well. There was a wildness in the air last night, a sense of something urgent, that creative spark… I got up and performed a handful of my own poems and a handful of poems by one of my favourite Australian poets, Max Ryan.  It was rocking! And today the rush is bound to continue as Sheish & I head back to InSpire to celebrate 10 years of SpeedPoets, or as we like to say, 10 Years On Speed!

So to slow things down a little this morning, I watched the gorgeously filmed (and scored) short, The Curve of Forgotten Things, which takes its name from the title of a Richard Brautigan poem. If the sun is not shining in your part of the world, then ths may just bring the warmth you are looking for. Deerhunter’s ambient score pulses and soars and Elle Fanning is mesmeric. The perfect Sunday morning viewing…

And for all you Brautigan lovers… here’s the poem, from which the film takes its name.

                                   The Curve of Forgotten Things

                                              Things slowly curve out of sight
                                              Until they are gone. Afterwards
                                              Only the curve

Happy Sunday to you…


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8 responses to “The Curve of Forgotten Things

  1. Here’s hoping you Sunday is a fine one…still Saturday here. 🙂

  2. Happy 10th anniversary – yayayayay! Great effort.

  3. Sheish

    Works well on a Sunday night also.
    Thanks for that

  4. amanda joy

    oh I be a Brautigan lover fer sure. I thought the beginning was heading into that short story in Revenge of The Lawn where they’re trying to bury the lion…

    an infusion of Brautigan into some other potent brew..

    Most delicious share !
    thanks you!


  5. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

    A draught of sunlight… not what we really need in Wa but beuatiful just the same.

    Coral C

  6. bd

    there’s something here about nodding (drill)heads. nodding heads and the holes they make. nodding heads and the pressure they exert, and release. nodding heads and the power of suggestion. the power of denial, and acceptance. what is taken, and what remains.

    there is something here that speaks to life.

    brautigan is far in my past. i should dig him up. review the artefact. trace the curve…

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