haiku hit

Want a quick hit of haiku?

I am currently participating in a Junicho lead by Ashley Capes and was asked to submit three haiku for a summer verse. Here are the poems I submitted:

      still dawn
      every cloud is
      a dead lamb

                                              behind a stand of pines
                                              the sun slips

      sky to sea
      and back again

To see which one was selected head over to Issa’s Snail. There are some mighty fine verses waiting for you!


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11 responses to “haiku hit

  1. Haiku! Difficult and delightful. I like the kissing…I can see them now…gorgeous sunset, just as he moves to slip the bra….the sun, the sun…!
    Have a great time at Riverbend, and send us whatever poetry you might find, yours included.

  2. Never thought of those clouds as dead lambs..bit sad.:-)

  3. Love the kissing one and the lightning one! Not so keen on the dead lamb one, but I’m a big sook like that 🙂

  4. I am not a big fan of haiku in general. but when they are good they can hit any roaming soul.
    i really liked the lightning returning to the sky.

  5. nice to see you took my advice, ol china! 🙂 hehehehe[therington]

    the third one is just beautiful too — i see it, and feel it!

    now to go check out the site, huh?

    big onya, as always. 🙂

  6. Dhyan (haha) – a sook is a very sensitive person who is easily upset by things such as dead animals. Here is the dictionary.com definition:
    Australia and New Zealand . a timid, cowardly person, especially a young person; crybaby.

  7. Gorgeous as always, Graham. And your ‘dead lamb’ is, indeed, haunting …
    I’m probably more a sooky-la-la than a sook … Hmmm … Not sure if that’s Googleable?

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