There is steam in the earth
a brief gust of summer.

Curtains lift a matter of millimetres.

We marvel at the damage —
broken bedside lamp on the carpet floor.


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4 responses to “Yasi

  1. beautifully done, Graham.

  2. This has a haiku sensibility to it (if that makes sense 🙂 ) I still can’t get my head around Yasi – too hard to digest, so soon after the flood.

  3. amanda joy

    There is steam in the earth,
    the cyclone heading for Perth on my birthday petered out and barely whispered on its way past. All these small motions against the backdrop of such huge ones.
    I actually turned on the telly during those daze, how big they tell it all on there.
    Loved this poem Graham, its gusts and short sweeps.


  4. How wonderful! Yes, lops along in gusts and sweeps, so simple yet so tender. Strong love in the simplest of image;

    …We marvel
    at the damage —

    broken bedside lamp
    on the carpet floor.

    It’s marvellous…immediate bookmark.

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