The Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project: What we achieved

Well, this Lost Shark has been busier than usual this past month, but it has been the best kind of busy imaginable. I have now (just about) finished processing all of the orders received as part of the Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project and I am thrilled to say, that the response has been staggeringly positive.

So far I have posted off 104 books, totalling a massive $1560 and on top of this, I also received a further $145 in extra donations. And of course, I pledged at the very beginning of this project to contribute $5 for every book sold, so I will be throwing in another $520, which brings the total to $2225.

I cannot thank enough, the 50+ people who got behind this project. Together, we have achieved something that I consider to be remarkable.

So from me and the many Queenslanders who will benefit from your generous support, I just want to say…

thank you, your hearts are the size of the ocean.


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13 responses to “The Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project: What we achieved

  1. Very well done, Shark!

  2. Fantastic effort Graham! Well done!

  3. Ashley

    $ 2,225!! Golly. If this were Facebook, I would definitely ‘like’ this wonderful news! Well done.

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  5. Well done, poetry in motion! Still, I’ve just heard that you have a category 5 cyclone just off your shores. Again my prayers are with you.

  6. Well done, brother. Sterling effort. 🙂

    And it’s a wonderful book.


  7. Zen

    Graham, that’s fantastic! Big win for poetry, too–selling that many books in a short time!

  8. wonderful Graham, Wonderful

  9. Superb, just brilliant, Graham!

  10. damn fine. goes to show what we can do when we do!

    onya, bruvva.

  11. Wonderful…and so was the book!

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