Rabbits in the Lights

The latest issue of Rabbit Light Movies is now live and streaming… If you have never indulged in the pleasures of Rabbit Lights, it is a journal of poemfilms, in many cases, showcasing the poet reading their work. There are some great readings in this latest issue.

Emily Kendall Frey’s opening line cracked me up:

You are so sad, you are actually broccoli

Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s poem claws at the stupidity of US Representative Betty Brown and Rachel Zolf’s, The Neighbour Procedure, is wonderfully strange.

And remember, it’s Sunday… stretch out into these poems. Let them lead you by the hand into their reality… don’t rush.



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5 responses to “Rabbits in the Lights

  1. Thanks for the link Graham. Sorry I haven’t responded much to your posts, I’ve just been a bit busy lately. I am appreciating your posts and enjoying the poems.
    Best wishes, Deb

  2. Oh oh oh…film poems. I am gonna make them last all week.

  3. Jacqueline

    I love Rachel Zolf! Had no idea this site existed – awesome thank you.

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