Bob Dylan signs six book deal

Just this week, the Dylan rumour mill went into overdrive with the news that Bob has signed a six book deal with Simon & Schuster, two of which are rumoured to be the much anticipated follow ups to the stunning, Chronicles vol. 1. There is also talk that one of the books will collate material from Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour, which clocked up 100 shows over its three year stint. So that leaves three spaces… in reading recent articles I have come across comments such as, ‘let’s hope there’s nothing like the unreadable Tarantula.’ Well, I have to differ strongly in opinion to that… I can’t imagine Bob would be interested in repeating what he did with Tarantula, but I would love to read some revolutionary prose from the great man. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what materialises…

In the meantime, if you are after a Bob fix, here’s a link to a killer show from 1965: Bob Dylan, Live at The Hollywood Bowl, 1965.

How does it feel…


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6 responses to “Bob Dylan signs six book deal

  1. I read Chronicles Vol 1 years ago and would rate it as my favourite music bio ever, I only got lost in a few parts late in the book when he was writing very technically about music, but it was a great Beat feeling book, entertaining and very readable. I lent it to a lot of friends and it found its own way out into the world and never returned. But I have been hoping for a follow up book for some time. It is exciting news.

    • gnunn

      Chronicles was outstanding… I can remember getting to the end and then going straight back to the start to dive back in. And yeah, I agree… very Beat feeling. Am really looking forward to what might come next.

  2. Di Eley

    Isn’t it great news about the forthcoming books – can’t wait. More news – although only a rumor is that Renaldo and Clara is going to be remastered and released – FINALLY! We live in hope.

    • gnunn

      That would be brilliant Di. Have seen a couple of pretty funky old bootlegs of it, but would love to see an official release. More Bob, I say!

  3. emily xyz

    I thought Chronicles I was hilarious, and very touching, and very entertaining. Not sure a whole lot of it was “true,” or maybe that makes it MORE true! I do know this, it’s hard to write the story of your own life, esp from a distance of what, 40 years? Bob doesn’t strike me as the type who went home & wrote everything down in a diary at the end of the day…

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