Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project Powers On

                                                           still water
                                                           every cloud turns
                                                           into a dead lamb

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Appeal. We are just a hair away from the $2000 mark now, and there are still six days to get behind this and lend a much needed hand… so, if you can dig deep, spread the word via your networks – both social and real – if you can shout the details from the roof top or whisper them into someone’s ear, your help would be greatly appreciated. Places like Rockhampton have experienced secondary flooding this week caused by serious storms, so there is still much to be done to rebuild this beautiful state of ours.

I will post full details of funds raised once the project closes on January 26.



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3 responses to “Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project Powers On

  1. great to hear that, good sir. we’ve had some big floods down here, but nothing quite like qld, tho.

    [a humble suggestion for your ‘ku, which i like very much. but… i think
    ‘every cloud / [is] a dead lamb’ would be more in line with the HAIku tradition of less use of simile. just a suggest…]

    onya. 🙂

  2. cheers, ol son!
    love and fearlessness! 😉

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