Brisbane New Voices II – Chris Lynch

In a recent post, I introduced the first of the Brisbane New Voices II poets, John Koenig and his micro-collection Green Tea & Nicorette. I am excited to say that the book is now back from the printer and looks stunning! So it is now time to introduce the second featured poet, Brisbane based writer, publisher and editor, Chris Lynch. His micro-collection, Bashed Flat By Heaven, is elegant in its simplicity. The seven poems in this collection, are quietly assured and explore with a keen eye, the complex relationship between the human and the natural landscape. The poem, Homo Domesticus, is a wonderful introduction to his work.

                                                             Homo domesticus

                                                             Home is a horse
                                                             blanket or doona

                                                             sewn daily. The smell
                                                             wraps, enfolds us

                                                             like mother in robes
                                                             with her breast out

                                                             as we sit by the fire
                                                             and drink pumpkin

                                                             soup, fall asleep
                                                             on animal skins

                                                             and dream of rain
                                                             beating on the roof,

                                                             timber chunks popping
                                                             in the hearth. Creatures

                                                             of the night call to
                                                             each other in the storm

                                                             but we have men
                                                             and dogs at the gates,

                                                             thick wooden stakes
                                                             and iron chains

                                                             and no one and
                                                             nothing will

                                                             disturb our rest,
                                                             not until we smell

                                                             a hot and wholesome



Keep your eyes peeled for news of the launch in the coming days…



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5 responses to “Brisbane New Voices II – Chris Lynch

  1. gmc


    And guess who
    Is knocking at the door
    Of those creatures of the night

    The second moon
    Is still a moon
    Seen by the eye of the storm

    No matter doors and dogs
    Guards and chains
    Only fun for free
    During the night of the hunter

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  3. Ah, I thought I had read this somewhere before. Following your link from Feb6/7th.

    It is a delicately written piece, very lovely. I’m going to try and order this and some of your titles from my bookstore.

    I’m sure the keeper (very nice old Indian man who loves books so much, he himself has fossilised into one over time) will enjoy the search.

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