flood haiku

standing on different shores
no one can look away
from the flood



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9 responses to “flood haiku

  1. sandra simpson

    Hi Graham,

    Good thoughts from these shores. I’m guessing you won’t mind me using your haiku (with author attribution) on Haiku NewZ with a link to your fundraising project?

    Best wishes,

  2. ooo, lovely rhythm, great image!

  3. gmc

    standing on no shore
    no one look away
    out of flood

  4. Hope all is well there Graham…have been watching the videos…really sad state of affairs…take care.

  5. Keep them coming Graham. We need plenty of flood poetry and haiku as we help clean up. Cheers for this one. Andrew

  6. Love this haiku Graham – so true – hard to look away and the floods are over such a great variety of areas that in a way, we are all looking from different shores.

    • gnunn

      Thanks Gabe… it’s true, no matter which shore we stand on at the moment, the flood holds our gaze. Great to see so many stories of hope arising out of the mess.

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