Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project

All around the world, images of our beautiful state of QLD going under water are causing distress and heartache. In my own life, there are people near to me who are facing possible evacuation and incredible loss. It is nothing short of catastrophic… and I want to give back.

Poetry has always been a hopeful force in my life, so I have decided to use all revenue from my book, Ocean Hearted, to raise funds for flood relief in QLD. Here’s my plan…

I will donate 100% of all sales to flood relief and to add to that, I will personally give an extra $5 for every book sold. Copies of Ocean Hearted can be purchased for the regular price of $15 (incl. postage) via paypal or cheque / money order.

To order a copy/copies and give to this important cause, email me at geenunn(at)yahoo.com.au with the subject heading ‘Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project’ and we can arrange payment method from there.

If you already have copies, I encourage you to give them as a gift… so if you can help, please dig deep, and spread the word to all your networks. Together, we can make a difference.

All monies will be given to: http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html



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29 responses to “Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project

  1. This is a disaster on a monumental scale – practically the whole State has ground to a halt. I hope your house is ok, and like you we have friends who will have to evacuate or risk death. If people can donate, do so and good on you Graham for helping out. I’ll throw in my river poem (always was a bit scared of the old river that ran next to my suburb of Indooroopilly, which is sure to go under).

    Brisbane River

    Brisbane river isn’t petite and pretty
    like the Cam of Cambridge

    he won’t invite you
    to gondola

    won’t even tell you to take a hike
    you are the cliched flea on bear

    he’s got the monumental on his mind
    how to shoulder bash Moreton Bay
    day after day

    how to carve out a name for himself
    in ancient sediment
    with no sentiment

    he won’t care if you
    go under.

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  3. gnunn

    I just want to send a heartfelt shout out to Ashley & Brooke Capes who kicked off proceddings with a double order/donation today and to Ashley from Tulsa USA who has also pitched in. Let’s keep it rolling… Thanks also to those people who have helped spread the word.

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  5. Great idea Graham. And, you’ve inspired Page Seventeen to jump onboard and donate sales of available issues. Details here: http://www.pageseventeen.com.au/blog/archives/170

  6. amanda joy

    I’m running out of friends to give your beautiful book to Graham, but I’ll be down for some more! email on its way!

    Thinking of you and everyone over there.


  7. swim harder, indeed! good to hear you guys are ok, and put me down for a coupla copies, ol son.

    love n courage to all…

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  9. ghostboy

    nice move, who better to donate through in a flood than a shark?

    put me down for 2 x copies too.

    Ghostboy x

    PS What about a river reading event with poets all reading their river cat poems as a fundraiser (somewhere down the track)…just a thought.

    • gnunn

      thanks so much man… will shoot yout through an email to sort the details soon. and as for the idea of a river poems reading… let’s talk about that and see what we can make happen.

  10. Rhonda Poholke

    Hi there Graham – pleased to hear you and family are ok – my thoughts are with everyone there – and I’ll buy a book if you can let me know an address – snail mail I’m afraid, which might have to be shark mail
    bestest wishes – Rhonda P

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  12. fee sievers

    Hi Graham – I’ll take 2 copies – send me an email re payment and I’ll get onto it right away – ur a legend! Take care – hugs – fee sievers x

  13. Hey Graham,
    This is a great thing you’re doing. I’ve shared it and tweeted it so I hope that helps. I would love to buy a copy of ‘Ocean Heated’. Email me the details.

  14. Claire

    Yes, Graham, I will… “Ocean hearted”… Just… If Ashley joined with his last haiku book, so waiting a bit ?

    Because the health of the earth matters to ALL of US, and most of all, for the life of our children, of post generations. Around 550 houses destroyed here, and only 10,000 inhabitants.
    It’s up to the average people to be conscious of what matters.

  15. I’d be happy to donate some of my books (“wind in the pages: haiku”) along with the accompanying CD’s (“two eagles soaring.. 11 haiku” from “wind in the pages”) ..that someone may be able to sell and send/use/disperse whatever funds are generated – would this be of any help to you?

    • gnunn

      Hi Brett,

      That sounds great! If you email me offsite at geenunn(at)yahoo.com.au we can sort out the details. Thanks so much for your generous offer.


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  18. Claire

    Thanks, Graham,
    Can’t join you, my internet access refuses the yahoo.com, sorry.
    So, I joined Ash at m…,

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