At the table with Henry Miller

The holiday season is (for many) a time for gathering around the table with friends and family… conversation flows and often the age-old question is asked, living or dead, who would you invite to the dinner table?

I know that my list is long and shifting, but regular responses include, old-guard visionaries such as Yukio Mishima, William S. Burroughs and Bob Dylan alongside the likes of Matt Berninger (from The National), Vic Chesnutt, Sam Hunt & Yusef Komunyakaa. I would also love to have dinner with my beautiful Grandmother again, to play a game of crib by her side, to feel the warmth of her smile and of course, my old dog Floyd would be under the table hunting for scraps and gently nuzzling me to remind me he was there… but as I said, the list is long and shifting.

One name who I am sure crops up on many people’s list is Henry Miller and fortunately, the good people at ubuweb have archived the very rare short film, Dinner with Henry.  It captures Miller, aged 87, as raconteur at the table with the love of his later years, Brenda Venus. So if you have ever imagined dining with Henry Miller (or any other literary hero for that matter), take a seat at the table and revel in this candid look at one of the 20th centuries most influential writers… enjoy a Dinner with Henry.



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2 responses to “At the table with Henry Miller

  1. fantastic film, graham, what a treat. what he said about american workers not caring about what they do, so often very true, sadly such an essential malady but i can not fathom an easy way out of that conundrum. at least if one cannot be working in the arts, a place i know surely incorporates a necessary love for what one does, one could still live artfully so to speak if the awareness became as important lets say as tv entertainment tho it still might have a warring rivalry with the paycheck factor.

    and the kazantzakis motto “everything to the extreme” really puts the idea of moderation into a different place. and mr miller i felt was so affable, i was delighted.

    grinned about your mention of who we would pick to have dinner with, often have had that thought. and with so many different and great wonderful people for various reasons, it is very hard to choose just a few but then it could be a really big table stretching across a soccer field or something with all of the friends family and fabulous people who could take a seat and raise a glass and it would have to conclude with a big party under a tent maybe ha ha and a fine room somewhere you could spend the night and then have breakfast and lunch and dinner the next day with grandmother. happy new year graham!

  2. Hello, I’m Brenda Venus.

    First of all, I’d like to thank you for writing about me on your magnificent blog. It was a pleasure to make the video on that wonderful day w/ Henry, Richard & Little John. I’m quite surprised at all the attention that little video is getting thoughout the web. And pleasantly surprised, I might say.

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    I am starting a marketing campaign and I would really appreciate it if you would be able to Link to me using my name Brenda Venus as anchor text.

    Thank you so much,

    Brenda Venus

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