Poetry Picks of 2010 + Ocean Hearted Christmas Special

It’s just about stumps for 2010, so I have sent electronic transmissions to some of the sharpest word artists in this country to get the lowdown on the poetry books/magazines/journals that have lit a fire inside them. So keep your eyes on the shark over the next few days for some hot poetry tips…

And while you are checking out the words that have sent off sparks inside the heads of these poets, why not leave a comment with your own poetry selections for the year… I’d love to hear about the books/magazines/journals you have not been able to put down!

And as we are celebrating 2010’s poetry releases, I am offering readers the chance to order a copy of Ocean Hearted + receive a copy of Brisbane New Voices I – featuring Jonathan Hadwen and Fiona Privitera for the very christmasy price of $15 (incl. postage anywhere in the world).

To order, email me at geenunn(at)yahoo.com.au with the subject Ocean Hearted Order and we can arrange payment methods from there.


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