Hard Ground: Tom Waits embraces the danger…

Tom Waits has never been comforatble with the title ‘poet’. To quote Waits, ‘poetry is a dangerous word’. But now, after a career spanning more than 30 years, Waits has embraced the danger… his first book of poetry, a collaboration with photographer Michael O’Brien, titled ‘Hard Ground’, will be released by University of Texas in March 2011. The book is a meditation on homelessness, a look at the people who live on hard ground. I have been searching around for a poem or two from the book, but things seem to well under wraps. You can however, check out some of the images at The University of Texas website.

So while we anticipate the arrival of Waits’ first poetry collection, here is almost two hours of Waits growling his way through a magnificent set as part of the Glitter and Doom tour. So get yourself comfortable… you are not going to want to move once you hit play!

You can listen to the whole concert here: Glitter and Doom live



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4 responses to “Hard Ground: Tom Waits embraces the danger…

  1. This is very good news, but MARCH!!!! (there goes my Chrissy gift to myself).

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  3. too cool! thanx graham!

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