Melbourne’s Secondhand Bookshop Trail

Touched down in Melbourne just a short while ago and discovered this article in the Sydney Morning Herald about the secondhand bookstore scene here in Melbourne. I know what I will be doing for the next couple of days… But of course, the first stop will be poetry mecca, Collected Works.

And for those of you in and around Melbourne, don’t forget to come along to Passionate Tongues (The Brunswick Hotel, 140 Sydney Rd Brunswick) tomorrow night (Monday November 8 ) to catch feature sets from Tiggy Johnson & myself.


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3 responses to “Melbourne’s Secondhand Bookshop Trail

  1. Aloha Graham,
    If you have time between hunting for signed copies of Breakfast of Champions and performing, then why not check out MyStory for a bit of Melbourne style laneway storytelling!

    Matt Blackwood.

  2. I do love searching through second hand books but it is seriously dangerous given the packed bookshelves I already have – if you see any first edition Biggles books, grab them please – haha.

  3. How did it go last night?
    I wish I had been there to hear Tiggy and GeeNunn!

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