QLD Writer’s Week Feature #1 – Andrew Phillips

As part of QLD Writer’s Week I am posting a feature on many of the emerging poets in the Brisbane writing community. The first post showcases the work of Andrew Phillips.

What excites you about poetry?

I love the potency of poetry.  The genre asks the writer to cut everything down to what matters, only what is important to the theme of the poem.  The reader is thrown deep into the experience and the emotion of the moment or movement.  Sometimes the voice of the poem originates from beyond the author.  I like when this happens.  It gives the subconscious an opportunity to speak up.

What are the themes that interest you / that you like to explore in your own writing?

I’m loving reading and writing haiku (and its related forms) at the moment so I enjoy exploring nature and human nature with these Japanese forms.  My writing does seem to keep exploring existential ideas about meaning in life, grief, pain, hope, fun, children and then also observations about Brisbane and surrounds. 

Charles Bukowski once said, ‘poetry is what happens when nothing else can.’ How does a poem happen for you?

I’m rarely short of an idea to start writing.  There are those unique moments in everyday life that stand out (if I’m attentive) and all the peripheral fazes out of focus.  I then try to explore whatever that emotion/thought/idea is through the use of poetic techniques and the forming of a poem. 


the jasmine fence

he fed from my
body as we inspected
to buy this place I                                    
sat here and breathed clouds
of jasmine through this long
living room window  a deep
green and white living
fence floating that peaceful
moment imagining this house
ours while filling his tummy – always
in hungry gulps
we held him – not him into that night his thin skin unable to hold his soul
today the tap-ity -pat
of his two brothers across
the tiled floor giggles
echo fun despite the
thoughtless neighbour cutting
my one memory of him here:
October rain
moistens brown leaves without one
jasmine flower


About Andrew:

I live in Brisbane, Australia with my wife Rebecca and two boys Jonah and Noah.  Our second son Isaiah died at 10 weeks old in November 2007 whom I never like to leave out of introductions.  I’m fairly new to writing poetry but the art has quickly become such a valuable expression (almost addiction).  Some poems I write are about losing Isaiah and have really helped me through the grief and pain.  Writing seems to help somehow.  I also love to write about existential issues, children and life in S.E. Queensland.  I keep a poetry blog: www.piedhillprawns.wordpress.com



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4 responses to “QLD Writer’s Week Feature #1 – Andrew Phillips

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  2. I hope that you don’t mind. I sat at my desk with a fence of jasmine beside me, and this response to your lovely poem came to mind. I offer it as a response.

    October rain recalls the jasmine
    and five fingers perfect as petals

    cables of memory and love
    stronger than the vine
    entwined: stronger than any
    separation: such will never fail.

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