Everything is Sky (part 4)

                   (Day Four: Carnarvon Gorge, Boolimba Bluff)
Those dark moments before dawn
standing by the river, its skin like
the wrong side of satin sheets.


wrens settle like rain on the tree fern


Five hundred stairs up Boolimba Bluff
the kookaburras start laughing.

As we reach the plateau, a wedge-tail cuts
through the sky, polished as opal.



Filed under poetry

3 responses to “Everything is Sky (part 4)

  1. I’ve really enjoyed this series…beautiful

  2. Must agree with Tina this has indeed been a beautiful series.

  3. Wow. Tina used the same words for I had in my head. Graham these have the space to bring back memories of my own while also the feeling of cinema from a camera on your shoulder.

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