Everything is Sky

(Day One: Brisbane to Roma)

driving west, the road is
until it’s sky


The crows have stopped to bathe
flitting like conversation
in and out of the irrigation ditch


admiring the sunset
a galah empties its eyes
into the windscreen


At night, silence rushes in
assaults our tired ears.

We sit in bed, weighted
down by heavy tongues.

Outside a curlew cries and again
we find that basic need for language.


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13 responses to “Everything is Sky

  1. Wonderful scences created with your words….the ending of the poem was just perfect.

  2. The effect of birds on our thoughts, and conversation, is quite influential. I just read a brief article written in the 1870s or 80s, in which the {nature} writer speaks poetically in wonderment (and ignorance of thermals) about hawks’ ability to soar.
    Birds are a great source of inspiration and metaphor, and I love the way they are used in this poem – their action, appearance and sound – to drag the sky down to fill the whole world except for the road and, finally, to break the spell of the road.

    • gnunn

      birds are the most fascinating creatures and we saw plenty of them while we were away… all shapes and sizes from emu to wrens. that article sounds really good. be keen to find out more.

  3. Therese

    Great poem. thanks Graham.
    words into images that touch my soul.

  4. Beautiful scene…thanks for inviting us along

  5. “driving west, the road
    is everything
    until it’s sky”

    it’s like the opening words i have always failed to write..

    • gnunn

      the road west is long and wide, but the sky consumes it… glad you enjoyed this Dhyan. Look forward to hearign your thoughts on the next few parts of the journey.

  6. Love the way the chatter or birds is contrasted with human speech, Graham – and that way you pause before pt2 with the words “that basic need for language.” So fitting.

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