Everything is Sky (part 2)

                   (Day Two: Roma to Carnarvon Gorge)

a black snake pulls
heat from the bitumen


Out here, grass flowers red
and roos line the road
their ribs sprung open.

We drive, smiling
in the sun’s early gravity
cattle grids flooding our heads
with thought’s rhythm.


At Baloon Cave
a cluster of ancient
handprints reminds me
of the impression we make.


two butterflies circle
each other
in the heat of love


Late afternoon breeze brings comfort to us.
I can feel in the dragonflies’  crimson vibrations the coming storm.


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4 responses to “Everything is Sky (part 2)

  1. A fine chronicle and verb snapshots of you trip…an enjoying this vicarious journey.

  2. Roger Callen

    good poems Graham, have that air of magic that infuses the likes of Basho and Ryokan etc

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