The National at Sunset Sounds

Tickets for Sunset Sounds go on sale tomorrow, and for me there are two standouts… The National and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.

If, like me, seeing The National perform songs from their 2010 album, High Violet is making you sweat with anticipation, you can get a live fix on youtube as their recent gig (exclusive for VEVO/Youtube) is beautifully shot and recorded and totally worth checking out. I know I have spent many hours listening to it already and will most certainly spend many more…

You can check out the whole show here, but for those inquistive ones who don’t want to jump straight in, take a peek at this…

So damn good!



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6 responses to “The National at Sunset Sounds

  1. I’m going to see The National at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park on Friday! Super excited.

    • gnunn

      That is so cool! I definitely need to hear all about it. Can’t wait to see you in a few short weeks.. that is even more exciting!!!

  2. Another group I didn’t know about here in the States…thanks for the introduction.

  3. I got to see The National early last month and they are WONDERFUL!!! Very well worth going to see.

    And an extra cool tidbit for me is that they all grew up in Ohio. Adds a touch of coolness to living here. 🙂

    • gnunn

      I saw them when they came out to Australia in 2008. My memories of it are still really vivid. I had only heard Boxer at that stage, so my mind was completely blown when I head songs off Alligator and Sad Songs… Can’t wait to hear stuff from High Violet.

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