In the Red Chamber

Just back from a cracking reading held in the gorgeous Red Chamber of Old Parliament House.

The evening opened with a reading from Ross Clark, who read a great new poem, The Death of Jazz (one to keep your eye out for). Next up were Emily XYZ & Myers Bartlett who totally nailed their set, opening with bill of rights: prologue, the whole room reverberating as they echoed, ‘You are called upon to deliberate those things which are essential to liberty.’ Never has a poem seemed so at home… every politician needs to hear this poem! They then went straight into the second part of the poem, Separation of Church and State. So good! Here’s a clip of them performing it at Cornelia St Cafe in 2008.

And to close the night, John Tranter gave us a selection of poems from his soon to be released collection, Starlight: 150 poems. His reimaginings of Charles Baudelaire’s poems from Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil) were a real highlight. I totally recommend checking out the selection Tranter has published on his website: Starlight Selection. His reading of Paradise was particularly mesmerising. Can’t wait to get my hands on this collection.

And now, it’s time for dreaming…



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2 responses to “In the Red Chamber

  1. ‘Separation of Church and State’ seemed all the more poignant to me given the current issues of restricting where Muslims might be able to build a mosque…seems like we have forgotten one of the fundamental principles this country was founded upon.

  2. While this was going on I was down at the library for the Slam heat – my first experience of slam. Tessa was MC and did a great job, and the audience was well involved when Emily and Myers arrived. they picked their three pieces well, and clearly enjoyed the audience response. Slot Machine was interrupted for applause (!) “cherry cherry cherry CASH” stopped the show. Two or three voices started the Who-oo who-oo in Virtual Disco Tune, and the crowd certainly picked that up very quickly! Finishing with syd barrett part 2 was ideal, and the crowd sang along. A great set…


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