Collaborative Ghazal Project: The Ghazal of Another Lost Shark

A big thank you to everyone who sent me their pearls of thought as part of this project… I have now strung them together into a poem that I think sings quite beautifully.

So here it is… The Ghazal of Another Lost Shark! Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the poem.

The Ghazal of Another Lost Shark

Tonight as rain hisses on stones, you come to me.
The breeze that lifts the curtain calls your name to me.

A rooster’s yellow beak opens the dawn, taking with it
my dreams, as the heat of morning breaks in me.                          (ALS)          

Another waits in ancient Xi an for the same dawn.
A traveller remembering they could not wait for me.                   (Therese)

Rumpled with sleep an early morning kiss smooths
out the creases, as you fold into me.                                                      (Cindy)

Velvet silhouttes of eucalyptus leaves on lace.
What, I ask, to make of them? What to make of me?                      (Brad)

A flint struck on the horizon relights the day.
A wind stirs thought, the senses rise, earth quakes in me              (tipota)

I feel your tear drop soothe the thing that burns.
Your skin is cool, your breath refreshes me.                                       (Therese)

She comes and goes, she heaves and sighs, she domes and dips,
my thirst she knows and, salt-lessly, she slakes me.                          (John)

Silently slipping sandal-less away at night,
love goddess, dry bone, Earth’s only child, forsakes me                 (John)

Return to the water Lost Shark, only
there will you find the depth of me.                                                          (ALS)



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7 responses to “Collaborative Ghazal Project: The Ghazal of Another Lost Shark

  1. That’s really fantastic – congrats everyone – tipota’s really stands out to me with the strike of the flint lighting the day and the cool play on ‘earth quakes’; ‘eucalyptus leaves on lace’ by Brad is awesome too; but they’re all good – distinct and additive in a sense.

  2. “distinct and additive in a sense”, i agree with Gabe on that one…. i needed to read it couple of times to get the unity feeling of it. at first, the distinction of voices popped up, then, with every reading they came more and more together.
    most of all, i find a great inspiration by the expressions in this one.

    • gnunn

      Thanks Dhyan… I agree, each person’s voice is distinct, but adds to the wisdom and beauty of the overall piece. A poem that demands several reads…

  3. it came out wonderfully well, beautiful in fact, amazing how that happens…

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