The final rehearsal

We had our final rehearsal today before next Saturday’s big QLD Poetry Festival performance… and it was rocking! The addition of drums, bass and keys has taken taken the performance to a whole new level; the musicality of the poems magnified, giving them a song-like quality. Add the visual narrative provided by Cindy Keong’s photography on a big screen at The Judith Wright Centre and this performance is without doubt, the most exciting project I have been a part of. Roll on QPF…

With the mention of drums above, I thought I would post this pic of me sitting in with Sheish Money & Namedropper last Friday night at The Step Inn. I think the look on my face says it all…  What’s more, it looks like I may just get the chance to do it all again at QLD Poetry Festival next weekend with Sheish & co. and Jeremy ‘The Black Rider’ Balius, who has asked Sheish and I to sit in with him at one of his QPF performances to provide some blues-infused rhythms.

Good times coming!


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4 responses to “The final rehearsal

  1. The Dog

    Yep. Just like I imagined.

  2. I certain hope you will be posting some videos for those of us who are stuck on a different continent. 😉

  3. Awesome! Wish I was there, thanks Graham, have a blast – and someone bootleg it?

  4. amanda Joy

    I wish SOOO much I could be there to see you back up the fabulous Mr Balius! danggit!

    Have a great one! Awesome piccy!


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