The Ekka 2010: pics and poems

Today is the last day of The Ekka for 2010. Sheish and I played our last show yesterday afternoon and we went off with a bang… the crowd responding with whoops and hollers and people coming to the front of stage at the end of the set to talk and thank us for our performance. This is what I love most about The Ekka… the generosity and kindness it brings out in the human spirit. It really does widen the smile on everyone’s face!

So with a little sadness in this weary heart (8 gigs in a row + a stint drumming for Sheish Money’s band last night at The Step Inn is seriously tiring), I post these pics captured at the 2010 Ekka by Cindy Keong and a few of the haiku she was responding to. Ah yes… another project emerges, so keep your eyes peeled for more news about this later in the year. 


                                                                people’s day
                                                                the whirling lights
                                                                of thrill rides

                                                                   dappled sky
                                                                   the appaloosa’s
                                                                   perfect run 

                                                                  watching the fireworks
                                                                  in people’s eyes




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6 responses to “The Ekka 2010: pics and poems

  1. Love the last ku, especially, Graham. & would love to see some photos of you drumming!

  2. I love thee 2nd one – but should it be ‘rump’ not ‘run’ – hahaha. Appaloosa is a such a great word. My husband, way before we got married, was passing a horse stall at the Ekka and the horse lent over and bit him on the shoulder – I won’t tell you what he did in response! I’ll just say he don’t like horses anymore – but I love them.

  3. I really love the last haiku also…reminded me of when my children were young and their first few firework displays.

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