People’s Day

Here in Brisbane, it’s ‘People’s Day’ at The Ekka. I am just about to pack my bags and head off to take in all the tastes, sounds, scents and sights of the show… and remember, if you are at The Ekka today, come along and see us at 5pm on The Community Stage.

Here’s a few haiku to start your morning and bring a little of The Ekka into your day.

                                                                          dodgem cars
                                                                          waiting for the sparks
                                                                          to fly

grand parade
the lowing of cattle
drowns in itself

                                           pink nose of the bull bristled by our scent


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4 responses to “People’s Day

  1. Ah…now that I’ve seen images from 612 ABC Brisbane…I understand the haiku…sounds like you had a bit of rain to start the event. Cheers.

  2. It’s windy now – that’s more like Ekka weather. Love the haiku (esp. dodgem car one – haha – Michael and Tessa love the dodgem cars)

    • gnunn

      and what a week of weather it has been… teeming rain on Tuesday, an absolute gale on Thursday and now, the vast sunshine of Saturday. The Ekka sure brings out the weather… And yes, who can resist a ride on the dodgems.

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