Herman Munster goes Beat

Recently, I have been listening intently to Kerouac’s, ‘Blues and Haikus’. In the last fortnight I have given workshops on Blues Poems and haiku, so this recording by Kerouac (almost a synthesis of the two forms) has been a great source of inspiration and has had me dragging out a few of my old Beat recordings by the likes of Burroughs, Ginsberg & Ferlinghetti.

In my listening I stumbled across this classic snippet from The Munsters, where Herman, is called on to deliver a Beat Poem at a gathering of ‘hep cats’.

This gave me a kick! And to my surprise I found a really great write up on the poem/performance by Angela Sorby on Mike Chasar’s Poetry & Popular Culture Blog. Who would have thought, jolly-green Herman was a Beat spirit!



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8 responses to “Herman Munster goes Beat

  1. Herman really had a way with words…thanks for the morning smiles over coffee.

  2. Bwahahahaha – it’s all good (esp saxaphone, and literary dissection of Herman – who knew!)

  3. jb

    my favourite is

    No telegram today
    only more leaves

  4. We really spoke like that hippie in the 60s. “Man, that cat is deep.”

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