Ekka Daze

Our first two shows at The Ekka have been good ones. The words and riffs floating out into the crowds as the thrill rides spin endlessly and the smell of cattle takes over the city. And with the August sky smiling blue, you couldn’t ask for more…

I am currently working on a sequence of Ekka haiku for a new project, so here are two written very recently, alongside sketches of Sheish Money and myself (captured on stage yesterday) by the lovely Michael O’Neill who comes along to see us at The Ekka every year. Michael will be joining us on stage today for a guest spot so if you are there come along and say hello.

If not… I hope this brings a little of The Ekka spirit to you all on this fine Sunday.


                                                             Machinery Hill
                                                             the glowing ash of fireworks
                                                             in every breath



                                                              slow movements
                                                              of the sheep dog –
                                                              midday sun



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9 responses to “Ekka Daze

  1. I like these two poems…of course the images for me are perhaps a bit different given the area I live in…but well done…thanks.

    • gnunn

      Thanks slp. The Ekka is a real Brisbane icon. I love it… so rare to get that hit of country life in the rush of the city.

  2. love those sheepdogs! this is great – both haiku and sketches – hope it’s not too windy at the Ekka, competing with the words floating about …

    • gnunn

      Was a bit damp at The Ekka today Gabe, but the weekend was sensational weather… the bluest of blue skys and that gorgeous August sun. Hoping it fines up for People’s Day tomorrow!

  3. I was there today. Enjoyed the poetry (first time i’ve been to a spoken word event- will not be the last!). I think I met Michael. Did he read a poem about Dairy Pavilion?
    Having just returned home, your haiku quickly place the smell of fireworks back in my lungs and the midday sun on my back as I enjoy the sheep dog competition. Thank you.

    • gnunn

      Thanks so much for getting in touch and really glad that the performance has inspired you to come along to some more poetry events. I distribute a poetry newsletter outlining all the events happening in Brisbane on a regular basis, so if you would like to be added let me know. Lovely to hear that the haiku captured your senses as well! (PS. Michael certainly did read the poem about the Dairy Pavillion.) Hope to see you at another poetry event soon, Graham

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