Roll Up, Roll Up, Another Lost Shark Hits The Ekka

QLD’s largest annual event, The Ekka opens today. For me, The Ekka is quintessentially QLD… it’s 10 days where the city gets a taste of some country living. Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs & horses are all on display as well as poultry and a range of other beast(ie)s. There are also Sheep Dog Trials, Wood Chops and various other farming and agricultural displays. And then of course… there is poetry!

That’s right, Sheish Money and I will again be there to light up the ears of the crowd; bringing our sounds to the Community Stage from 5pm – 5:30pm daily (from Friday August 6 to Friday August 13).

So come along… fairy floss or dagwood dog in hand and get your poetry hit. And if you are feeling up for it, why not pack a poem in your pocket and come and see us before we go on stage… guest spots are there for the taking!

Show days are great days… see you there.



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3 responses to “Roll Up, Roll Up, Another Lost Shark Hits The Ekka

  1. Busy, busy boy. The Ekka is great. Up in Bundaberg (which is about 45 minutes drive from my place) we have the Bundy show which is like going to the Ekka 30 years ago – a miniature version of the Ekka.

  2. Harvey and I will be at the Ekka on Wednesday and hope to stay on for the poetry. He has a limerick in one of the pavilions! See you then…

    • gnunn

      Look forward to seeing you tomorrow Vanessa! Let’s hope the weather clears up!!! I will have to go and see Harvey’s poem tomorrow.

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