Paul Squires: true original, gone…

Today at SpeedPoets (InSpire Gallery Bar, 71 Vulture St West End), I will read a tribute to the late Paul Squires. Paul was a spirit with such positive force… a spirit that touched many and spanned the corners of the universe.

One of the poems I will read today is Listen. from his book, The Puzzle Box. This was the poem that called to me when the news of his passing hit… If you can make it along, I know Paul would love you to be there to keep his words alive.

Paul, wherever you are friend, as the great Sam Hunt says, ‘tell the story, tell it true, charm it crazy.’ Here’s an excerpt from his poem, Listen:


         Paul Squires

Listen. Not to me. On a cool, clear night like this the traffics are louder.
They hurrr by like bundles of compressed air whirlywinding someone
home. The old man next door has gone to bed. He coughs his awakeness
and will soon snore his dream.



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17 responses to “Paul Squires: true original, gone…

  1. wow,was just getting to know the guy’s stuff!

    thanks for passing that on, graham, and let us all live well and remember the lessons of those before us…

    ‘you are beloved of the earth and the creatures around you’…

  2. damn… i’d always imagined running into this guy sometime… probably having an argument with him. sad news.

  3. Thanks Graham – I love that poem so much. Chin up for this afternoon.

  4. Paul was a dear friend of mine. I love this poem also, but when I read it now, I hear the echoes of his voice because he recorded it. It is absolutely worth tracking down and listening to him read it.

  5. Mark William Jackson

    Good luck tonight Graham, I remember Paul being so proud of his work with SpeedPoets, after getting over his absolute terror of public speaking he was a natural, his video practice run is amazing, the diction of a powerful orator and fluid movements of a Tai Chi master. “The ever present child drawing warmth from the murmur of your heart as it marks the patterns of joy, the echoes of pain.” These words will not be easy to read but I’m sure you will do them service.

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  7. confabulator

    It was a lovely tribute from Brad and from you, Graham, this afternoon.

    I really enjoyed the whole afternoon greatly. The performance of Jules’ poem by Shiesh was an early treat. The readings of your new book were most revealing/enjoyable (the imagery more vivid in your reading than mine), and the variety (voice, style, content, intent etc) and talent of those who read on the open mic/mike was amazing.

    Being new to all this I reflectively ask ‘how long has this been going on and why do people waste the first Sunday afternoon of the month doing something else?’

  8. oh- oh, oh. I just opened an email from Gabrielle and I can’t believe it.

  9. I too read Paul’s Listen at the Open Mic I hold here in Brighton, UK. I cried, of course, but the seagulls decided to have a very loud, very excited chorus through the second half of it that I had to stop and laugh – he would have found it hilarious. He worked on that piece for over 20 years. He was finally happy with it in the last five. It is a meditation that will carry his spirit, skill and soul through us all, I hope. Thank you for honouring him in that way.

  10. Jonathan

    a truly great poem, i would happily break my pencils and burn my notebooks after writing that. sorry to have missed you Paul, hope you truly are surrounded by and singing with the voice of God.

  11. Paul would have loved the readings… 🙂

    ‘Listen’ is one of my favorites. Thanks for posting it.

  12. I am sure he is crawling around in the afterlife, touching things he shouldn’t be touching and making friends in the process… thinking and loving… thinking and loving… into the vast eternity

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  14. I think I would change my comment to:

    I am sure he is learning to crawl in the new afterlife, touching things he shouldn’t, and making friends in the process… thinking and loving… thinking and loving…

    it better captures the original flash of thought I received.

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