The Question of Culture – responses welcome!

Workshop #1 with Emily XYZ hit the mark, with each of the participants selecting a poem that they believed worked well to read to the group. The voices were diverse in style, content and experience which made for some really interesting discussion and Emily brought the group together superbly, creating an atmosphere for honest critique to be given and received.

As part of the group, it was a real pleasure to have three uninterrupted hours to just talk poetry, the purpose it fulfills and how our aesthetic choices can advance this purpose or hinder it. I am now looking forward to tomorrow night’s class where we discuss the question of culture. Some of the questions Emily has raised include:

Where do you fit in as an artist?
What historical precedents do you recognise in your own work?
Who do you most admire/relate to?
What influences, if any, can you see in your work?
What are you obsessed with, what are the recurring themes in your work?

Would love to hear your thoughts on any or all of these…



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2 responses to “The Question of Culture – responses welcome!

  1. Loved reading your responses, Graham – very envious that I can’t be there, and wow, 3 hrs of poetry. Wow.

    So thank you for the chance to participate here!

    Just one for now, I now know, and mostly due to feedback from other poets, that I’m fairly obsessed with ‘place’ and with objects which are ‘removed from their original use’ which I liked hearing, but can’t actually give an example of at the moment!

  2. It’s always a tricky thing. It’s important I think to understand your work as part of an historical tradition but there is always the impulse to escape it too, to seek originality. And that is where I would like to think I fit in as as artist. The past pushing me forward.

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