Tune your dials to 4ZzZ

Tomorrow morning, this Lost Shark will be hitting the airwaves on 4ZzZ’s brand spanking spoken word show, Waxing Lyrical hosted by Fern Thompsett to talk about SpeedPoets, Ocean Hearted and all things poetry in Brisbane. So if you are in the area, tune your dials to Brisbane’s finest community radio station 4ZzZ – 102.1FM for a poetry hit between 9am and 12pm (I will be on first up between 9am and 9:45am). If you aren’t in the area and want to tune in, you can generally stream the station live online. Check out the 4ZzZ site for details.

Waxing Lyrical hosted by Fern is on 4ZzZ every Thursday between 9am – 12pm.


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8 responses to “Tune your dials to 4ZzZ

  1. screamish

    oh yeah!! I’ll be tuning into my old haunting ground…how great…

    • gnunn

      Hope you got the dial tuned just right… I had a ball this morning! Great tunes and good conversation… the perfect start to my day!!!

  2. What a great addition to the Brisbane scene. And how appropriate that you should be the first away, Graham. The only problem is I’m at work. Maybe a podcast can be arranged at some stage? Thanks Fern, and ZZZ.

    • gnunn

      Had a ball on there this morning Paul… the 4ZzZ CD library was overwhelmingly fun to browse. Will drop the podcast idea to Fern and see what she can arrange.

  3. Great to hear you perform your incredible poem (the city) which pretty much sums up my week so far.

    unfortunately i tuned into triple J by mistake and spent the first ten minutes wondering what on earth was going on until i realised- great playlist too-slot machine blew my mind again…

  4. I was on the road and missed it – would so love to hear it Graham.

  5. mc

    second the podcast idea! I missed it.

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