The publishing game…

WQ, the monthly magazine published by QLD Writers Centre never fails to come up with the goods… especially when it comes to tackling the job of submitting your poetry to journals and magazines.

Often I sit and look at my work and wonder where I will send it… and often by the time I have looked around, I have lost both the energy and enthusiasm for the job I sat down to do. Let’s face it, it’s a relatively daunting task.

But WQ, is one place that I can always turn for inspiration and the June issue is literally overflowing with it.

The article Big Game by Ronnie Scott (from The Lifted Brow) is so much more than just a good read. He has done his homework and it is homework that can pay off for you! In the article he looks at eight Australian literary magazines and journals, and presents you with information about how many submissions they receive, what there acceptance rate is, what they pay and importantly what each one is looking for – poetry, non-fiction, short fiction etc…

The magazines he looks at include:

Small Room

All of which could provide a home for your poetry! He also discusses the new Australia Council website – Literary Magazines Australia, which profiles 10 Australia Council funded magazines, including Heat, Meanjin, Island, Overland, Wet Ink and Southerly.

And to make this post even richer, I would urge anyone looking for a place to send their poems to also check out:

Red Leaves
Famous Reporter
Page Seventeen

This is not all encompassing but I hope it offers those looking to submit their work to print journals a good starting point. And hey, if you have any favourite places, drop their details in a comment… the more homes for poetry, the merrier!



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7 responses to “The publishing game…

  1. Thanks for the plug Graham.

    The Australia Council’s Literary Magazine’s Australia effort is exciting [I’m envious:)], hopefully it’ll pull a few subscriptions. Though I remember Ivor Indyk saying some time back that he figured his own magazine had reached its optimum subscription level and wasn’t likely to get higher, regardless of promotion, that there’s only some many subs out there.



    • gnunn

      My pleasure Ralph. In my very humble opinion, Famous Reporter is right up there with the best journals being published in Australia. I hope the Australia Council decide to expand their support of literary journals in Australia. I guess Ivor is right in his assumption, subscriber numbers do have a limit.

  2. littlej

    I love Ronnie’s article cause it highlights the number of great literary magazines and journals in Australia that aren’t funded by the Australia Council.

  3. Thanks a heap for this post Graham. Selecting a journal is always so much of a hassle that by the time I’ve thought about it I’ve generally shelved the piece of work I set out to publish!

  4. I have to agree that WQ is just the best magazine for helping writers (who are lucky enough to live in the best State in Australia) and motivating them. Thanks for this post Graham. It is very difficult to negotiate the publishing maze – even knowing where to start. You are a fountain of information.

  5. I enjoyed this Graham, thank you. I’ve known of those publications, but it’s so nice and handy to have everything (links!) contained in one post.

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