There ain’t no money in poetry…

What happens when William Butler Yeats, Tom Waits & Townes Van Zant walk into a bar where Ginsberg & Kerouac are shooting dice… well only Guy Clarke could dream up that scenario, and hell, it’s a scenario I would love to walk into!

It’s been a long time since I have listened to Guy Clarke, but his Cold Dog Soup, is truly one of the best riffs on poets and poetry.

There ain’t no money in poetry / that’s what sets the poet free / but I’ve had all the freedom I can stand.

Ah yes Guy… sweet sounds to end a sweet, sweet day.

* This Lost Shark went fishing today and folks, they were biting…


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4 responses to “There ain’t no money in poetry…

  1. these are beautiful lines indeed
    thanks for the Clarke reminder

  2. Hahahaha ‘I’ve had all the freedom I can stand’. The whiting are biting at Woodgate – never seen so many fishing boat.

    • gnunn

      Such a great song… The whiting were biting where we were yesterday as well. The bite was that hot it reminded me of what fishing was like when I was a kid…

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