Stylus Poetry Journal #37 – Reviews

The feedback from Stylus Poetry Journal #37 – Street/Life has been nothing short of glowing… I know that I have been dipping back into the collection with great regularity to enjoy the wisdom each poet has conjured.

And now, to complete the issue, here are the reviews that were to be published alongside the Street/Life Poems.

The Best Australian Poems – reviewed by Toby Davidson
The Bee Hut – Reviewed by Jill Jones 
Drawing God and Other Pastimes – reviewed by Patricia Prime 
Eucalypt #7 – reviewed by Patricia Prime 
Killing the Black Dog – reviewed by Martin Duwell 
Moonbathing – reviewed by Patricia Prime 
Peace – reviewed by Patricia Prime 
Song of an Old Cherry Tree – reviewed by Patricia Prime 
Walking Into Autumn – reviewed by Patricia Prime 
Wild Camomile – reviewed by Patricia Prime 
Wind Over Water – reviewed by Patricia Prime

Again, I am sure you will find there is much to keep you coming back…

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