QLD Poetry Festival Filmmakers Challenge

QLD Poetry Festival’s coveted Filmmakers Challenge is now open for submission!

The Queensland Poetry Festival challenges Australian filmmakers, video artists and other multimedia practitioners to produce a short work (5 minutes max) which explores the possibilities of poetic expression via audio visual technology.

Poetry is defined broadly as memorable language. Your work might be a record of a poetry performance, a video text manipulation or something entirely different. We are looking for work that displays creativity, originality and an understanding of possibilities of language.

A prize of $500 is up for grabs and the winner will be announced at the 2010
Queensland Poetry Festival (27-29 August, 2010). A selection of entries will be screened at The Wrong End of the Kaleidoscope session at QPF on Sunday, August 29, 2010.

The deadline for entries is close of business Friday August 6, 2010. Download the entry form from the Awards Section of www.queenslandpoetryfestival.com

Look forward to seeing your poetry light up the big screen!


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