The Speaking Page

To get myself ready to ‘grab some world’, I have been firmly ensconced in my reading chair with a copy of Robert Adamson’s ‘The Clean Dark’.

The Speaking Page (the title poem of the second section of the book), has long been one of my favourite Adamson poems, brimming with his classic Hawkesbury River imagery, so I was thrilled when I came out to the computer and discovered this short film of the poem, read by Robert Adamson with images by his long time partner, Juno Gemes.

So if you too need a fix of the ocean and a hit from one of Australia’s finest living poets, look no further than The Speaking Page.



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2 responses to “The Speaking Page

  1. Now that is poetry – sigh! The end is in sight – must be very exciting.

  2. It is such a beautiful poem. I have listened to that reading dozens of times and never tire of it. There should be more Robert Adamson on the web!! We must all nag and beg him, a blog, more video, a few comments here and there. He is the Poet Laureate, after all.

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